Are Dental X-rays safe?

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We converted our imaging system to intra-oral Kodak sensors which provides superior, detailed X-rays at 70% less radiation than the conventional X-rays.  
Lead aprons with thyroid collar are used to protect the patient.  As well all the X-ray units come with a cone to focus the x-ray beam to minimize the scatter of the radiation.
Other benefits of Digital X-rays:
  • The X-ray is processed right away and available to view.
  • The image can be enhanced for better diagnosis
  • The images are stored in the computer and can be retrieved and reviewed easily.
  • The images can be enlarged to better detect cavities and other abnormalities.  
At our office we only take X-rays that are absolutely necessary to diagnose any problems.
These include:
-Decay between the teeth
-Abscesses or infections
-bone loss and periodontal disease
-positions of un-erupted teeth.